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About Macpieticketing

Macpie Ticketing is our one stop solution ticketing company that delivers ticket management systems and infrastructures to organizers and end users including MacpiePro and other companies. Our services here include online ticketing systems which can accommodate customers from around the world, offline sales counters, optional payment gateways, custom ticket choices, entry scanning facilities, report analyses, and dispatch services. For the year 2019, we successfully handled several ticketing systems including those for the “2019 CHA EUN-WOO 1st Fan Meeting Tour [JUST ONE 10 MINUTE] in KUALA LUMPUR” event organized by MacpiePro, as well as the ‘Lo Ta-You Live in Malaysia’ and ‘Bobby Chen Concert Live in KL’ events by SoulNines Production. There’s of course many more coming soon too. We will continue to invest in this ticketing platform and develop innovative products to build fan traffic to company sales channels, increasing ticket sales, and continue to build the client base.